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Bombones: La Creación de Una Joya Culinaria

Lindt Pralines are true confectionary masterpieces celebrating the craftsmanship, dedication and knowledge that comes from 175 years of chocolate-making. Delicate, intricately detailed and complex in flavour, Pralines truly are culinary jewels from our Master Chocolatiers. 

Sketches of praline ideas.

Los Inicios del Arte del Bombón

Almost every Lindt praline begins with an idea, a concept, a sketch. This blueprint is then taken to the kitchen. Here, flavour combinations are tested, chocolate types and varieties selected, and the first samples created and tasted. At Lindt, everyone is involved in the process and all ideas are valued – a few lucky consumers even get to taste-test the new creations. Once satisfied with the outcome, the shape and the finish, decorations are chosen and finalised. And voilà, a new Lindt praline is born!

La Artesanía Lindt

A steady hand, an open mind, a keen eye for detail and an adventurous palate are a Master Chocolatier’s greatest tools – especially when it comes to the intricately detailed praline. But creating elegant and luxurious Lindt pralines that taste as good as they look requires not only great skill, chocolate expertise and craftsmanship, but the dedication and passion to match.

Heart shaped chocolate praline.
Praline topped with a sugared almond.

Cuidadosamente creado por dentro y por fuera

We use highest-quality ingredients for our fine pralines and it makes a great difference to our final product. Whether it’s roasting our nuts in-house to keep them fresh or producing our caramel and nougat the traditional way, every detail counts to bring out the best flavour. 

La Perfección en el Acabado

Delicately piped lines of perfectly tempered chocolate; fine enrobing; an impeccably glossy finish; the distinct spikes of a truffle; the hand-placed caramelized almond on a praline. These are just some of the ways that our Lindt pralines are finished with perfection. Truly something special for you to enjoy.

Master Chocolatier finishing pralines with decorations.
Swiss Luxury Selection praline box with truffles.

Un Dulce Real 

Legend has it, pralines were first invented, by chance, in the seventeenth century at King Louis XIV’s court. Caramel and almonds were shaped into bite-sized mounds and served to guests of the Comte du Plessis-Praslin. When chocolate as we know it became popular in the early 1800s, it began to replace caramel as a base. And so, the culinary jewel was created.

Para los Más Gourmet

La gama Lindt Swiss Luxury es la cumbre de la artesanía. Puro lujo en cada mordisco.

Un Pequeño Detalle

Nuestra marca Lindt Mini Pralines conforma el regalo perfecto para el anfitrión de una cena o para hacer un detalle a tus amigos, familia o compañeros. Es un "Gracias" lleno de dulzura.