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Milk Chocolate With a Twist

Excellence Milk Chocolate blends a higher cocoa percentage into our classic smooth milk chocolate for an even richer flavour. Experience the pleasures of milk chocolate with the benefits of high cocoa.

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Lindt Excellence 45 percent high cocoa milk chocolate bar.
Lindt Excellence High Cocoa Milk Chocolate 

45% cocoa content 

Our 45% cocoa content combines luxurious, smooth milk chocolate with well-rounded notes of cocoa and hints of deep caramel. An indulgent treat for those looking to introduce higher cocoa in to their chocolate choices.

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55% cocoa content 

In the middle of range brings a bolder, more distinct cocoa taste with subtle fruity tones, teamed with elegant, decadent notes of honey and vanilla. With a higher cocoa content, milk chocolate lovers will enjoy the ultimate, sophisticated balance of aromas.

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Bar of Lindt Excellence High Cocoa Milk Chocolate with 55% cocoa content.
Bar of Lindt Excellence High Cocoa Milk Chocolate containing 65% cocoa content.

65% cocoa content 

Containing 65% cocoa content, this variant is smooth with profound roasted aromas, combined with light undertones of sweet vanilla. The most reminiscent of dark chocolate, this suits the more daring chocolate lover looking for a refreshing change.

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